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We’re all familiar with the phrase “The Race Card.” Here, In Stacking the Deck Series, D.C. Constant takes it a step further, in this satire compilation, which sheds light on stereo-typical views, micro-aggressions, perceptions and double standards about Race, Church, Family and the Workplace. Delivered with wittiness, humor and an eye-brow raising shock fashion, you will truly be ready to have the conversation about Stacking the Deck!

Which card will you find yourself playing?

How many times have you made an “off” color joke or remark about certain groups of people based on stereotypes? How often do you reflect upon your own perceived ideas, prejudice and or inferiority complex? We’re all guilty of these perceived narratives about others, instead of actually taking the time to explore and build relationships with people who do not look like us. Using blanket statements, The Race Card explores the micro-aggressions, prejudices and double standards we all have towards groups who do not look like us. Are you ready to look at yourself, to learn, to grow and to do better? Let’s have the conversation.


Is your relationship with God, contingent on how other people view you? Does your Pastor have more control and authority in your life than God? Do you just go to church, or are you being the church? Do you spread gossip or the Gospel? The Church Card explores various statements only you can honestly answer within yourself and decide if you need to make a change.  Not only with your mouth, but with a repentant heart, whereby a change in your behavior has taken place. Are you ready to look at yourself, to learn, to grow and to do better? Let’s have the conversation.


What type of family do you have? Fun, loving and affectionate? Obnoxious, dysfunctional and over-bearing? What family secrets have you kept for years that’s making you mentally and physically sick? The Family Card explores how some families can take one another for granted, refuse to stay drama free, to not protecting the most innocent of victims. Do you owe someone in your family a repentant apology? Why haven’t you apologize?  Are you ready to look at yourself, to learn, to grow and to do better?  Let’s have the conversation.


Do you love your job? Hate it? Do you have a wonderful supervisor? Or the supervisor from another planet? Are you the gossiper? The peacemaker? The introvert? The one who just doesn’t care, because  you’re only at work for the paycheck and not to make friends? The Office Card explores the funniest and hilarious things which takes place in most offices across the country. Are you ready to look at yourself, to learn, to grow and possibility be a more effective employee or supervisor? Let’s have the conversation.



Collect  all Four Series into this power paperback! In an era where following the path of spirituality, morality and being ethical, can sometimes get lost in worldly expectations in our daily struggles, Stacking The Deck Series will deliver too readers a much needed eye-opening reality, which hopefully leads to honest dialogue about prejudices and stereotypes we’ve all displayed. Stacking The Deck Series is laser-direct, yet hilarious, insightful, and refreshing!




Do you have a difficult time staying on task when striving to achieve goals? Do you find yourself ‘dreaming’ more than actually ‘working’ more towards your goals? Do your family and friends raise an eye-brow every time they hear you speak about what you plan to do for the ‘tenth’ time? Then it’s time to stop talking and start doing! Sign up to receive your free E-book which shows you 6 Simple Action steps to help you get started and focused on your great idea!


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