For Wives seeking to mine the depths of couplehood and seize the right balance in a marriage ordained by God, The Perfect Imperfect Wife is for you!

D.C. CONSTANT is an Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Certified Professional Coach, Founder and Visionary of The Successful Wives Network LLC, a professional organization, focusing on “Elevating Wives through Personal and Professional Development”

She’s passionate about Love, Marriage & Everything ~In~ Between.  She has been married for over 27 years (yeah, we know she doesn’t look it) to her amazing husband Pastor Lee Constant, where they Co-labor together in ministry at  God’s House of Restoration.  They reside in Arizona, with their daughter, and Yorkshire Terrier named Cooper.


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The Race Card

Do you reflect upon your own perceived ideas or prejudice? The Race Card explores the micro-aggressions, prejudices and double standards we all have toward others.

The Office Card

Do you love your job? Hate it? Or just don’t care? The Office Card explores the funny and hilarious things which take place in most work places across the country.

The Family Card

What family secrets have you kept that’s making you ill? The Family Card explores how some families can take one another for granted and refuse to stay drama free.

The Church Card

Is your relationship with God depends on how people view you? The Church Card explores statements only you can honestly answer and decide if you need to change.


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