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Scandal In The Kingdom

Scandal In The Kingdom


As various programs flood our televisions with shows portraying actors being corrupt, deceitful, greedy, betraying trust, abusing their power, showing homosexual relations, etc.…(you get the picture) there has been much debate and arguments amongst Christians if they should watch these shows. Some Christians have even questioned their peer’s salvation by suggesting they’re not “saved” if they’re watching these types of programs.

Extreme Much???

I’m not here to say which television programs one should or shouldn’t watch. Does the media manipulate, stereotype and deceive? Absolutely! However, I believe it’s a personal conviction. What may convict you, may not convict someone else and it doesn’t make them a lesser Christian if they watch, nor does it make you a “better” one for not watching.

Shoot, I watch murder mysteries, the Investigation Discovery channel, Snapped, etc…, but I haven’t hatched a plan to kill anyone. If all it takes is for a person to watch any T.V. show where there’s infidelity, killing, cursing, or any type of negativity and it causes them to act on this behavior or fantasize about committing the same act… ummmm…my guess would be, they have wayyyyy bigger issues then any television show.

However, these debates and arguments amongst the most “Super Saved” Christians, got me to thinking about the following scandals.

There was this dude named David who had the HOTS for his neighbor. She was gorgeous! She was also married. As a matter of fact, David knew her husband! He didn’t care, nor did it stop him from lusting and having sex with his neighbor and getting her pregnant.  He was so ruthless about the ordeal, he plotted “How to Get Away with Murder” by having her husband killed!

Oh wait! Here’s a good one. I’m thinking about this guy Nebuchadnezzar, who was extremely arrogant and prideful! Listen, this dude was so full himself, he thought he was God! He had a golden image made of himself and told the people, “Hey, when you hear the sound of the music being played, you better fall bow down and worship this image of me! He had the balls and the audacity to establish what he considered to be his own “EMPIRE”!!!

Then there’s our dear brother Abraham, the Father of many nations, who got caught up in some baby mama drama. His wife Sarah, was barren, but was promised she would indeed have his child one day, but unfortunately she didn’t patience nor believed in the promise. Instead, she told Abraham to go have sex with another woman, who could birth a child for him. The child was born, the baby mamma Hagar mocked Sarah for being barren and Abraham was caught in the middle. Since his wife wasn’t feeling the baby mama or the stepchild, Abraham decided to put his is baby mama and son out the house. Leaving Hagar to be a single mother and their child without a father. This created a Hugh mess!

The Body of Christ for the most part is extremely hypocritical. On one hand they fight against each other over semantics, instead of demanding networks to produce better shows. On the other hand, when a Christian film is released or a great family T.V. program is introduce, the majority of Christians do not support it.

It’s funny how some Christians get in an uproar about paid actors, portraying fictional characters on T.V., but quiet as a “church mouse” about REAL LIFE scandals taking place in their local Houses of Worship and in their everyday lives for that matter.

Back to my original sarcasm point. If you never watch another television program you deem “Sinful” again, it’s cool. You can always find a scandal, where I found it…In the bible.

Ironic, Right?

~Minding my own “Skeleton” Scandals

(Scripture References: Genesis 18, 19, 2 Samuel 11, and Daniel 3)




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