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The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation

By: Dawn Kelly

As I look at the world today and everything going on, it makes me wonder what kind of generation we’re dealing with.  You can see the lack of communication a mile away. For an example, go into any fast food restaurant, you will not be greeted by the employee with a simple hello, but you will get treated as if you were disturbing their day. Lord forbid if you need to ask for an extra condiment. They can’t finish your transaction without calling for their supervisor and labeling you as an irate customer. It makes your fast food experience to want to eat in every night.

I’m I the only one who doesn’t hear a yes Ma’am or No Sir from this generation? What happened to the respect for the Elders? If you ask them anything the responses vary from “What?” “Huh?”, or “I don’t know.”  Most do not know how to multitask unless they’re sending out a group text or tweet.  Question? “When did pajamas and head scarfs become a fashion statement? Why does this generation suffer at a higher rate of domestic violence than any other?

This is not a race thing.  This is not a neighborhood thing.  This is not a rich or poor thing.  It’s definitely a generational thing. As parents, did we somehow miss the mark? Did we give them too much? Did we allow them to make their own decisions as a toddler? Did we not set boundaries for them? Did we give them too many choices?  Did we not pray enough for them? Do we blame them?

In Proverbs 22:6, the wise man wrote, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” There are parents who have taught their children the ways of God both by instruction and example and have still lost them to the world.  Ephesians 6 says for the children to honor their parents, and within the same chapter, it also warns fathers not to cause their children to wrath.  Why wasn’t the mother addressed?  When I think about that, it takes me to a generation where the father is absent from the child’s life.  Could this be the reason the generation is so lost? This scripture is proof fathers are very much important with leading the family. The two things that have hurt us are “time” and “example.” In this world, we see so little of it.  If the children don’t get time, they will find something or someone to give it to them. If they don’t have an example, they will follow what may look appealing but will be misleading. We only have our children for a short time, there isn’t time to waste.

As mothers and fathers, we must first save ourselves from this perverse generation (Acts 2:38-40) and then teach our children how to be saved from it. We must meditate on God’s word day and night to learn how to be godly and how to bring up godly children. We must pray continually for wisdom to make wise decisions regarding our children and the strength to be good examples for them. We must spend time teaching our children. We must not only tell them the right way, we must show them the right way. We must seek the counsel and advice of successful parents (Psa. 1:1)’ those whose children have remained faithful. We must be active in their little lives, and teach them to love and respect God.  We must rise up as men and women. Proverbs 30 reads, there is a generation that curses its father and does not bless its mother.  Let’s begin to pray again like never before. Let’s be the example that the Lord ordained for us to be.  Let us not lose another generation of our children to this world.-Redeemed


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