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Worship Him with Your Wounds

Worship Him with Your Wounds

By: Sheila Annette Cook 

So many times when we’re tossed to and fro, battered and scarred by the trials and tribulations of this life we want to in a hole. Too often people want to fall in the grips of self-pity and turn from God. That’s the very time when you should turn, run, crawl, hop, skip and jump to God and worship Him. You shouldn’t worship Him only when things are going fine, but you worship Him when things aren’t. He gets the most joy out of your worship when you can worship Him with your wounds.

When you worship Him with your wounds, you’re a living testimony of what God can do when you’re beaten down and beaten up. Holding fast to your faith and believing God for a breakthrough will lead, guide and direct you to a new level in Him.

The devil would have you give up and give in, but he’s the father of lies and you know what he says isn’t God and His word says about you. You’re more than a conqueror, the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. I could go on and on, but you get the gist of what I’m telling you.

I’m reminded of a ride at most amusement parks called the pirate ship—which swings like a pendulum. When they didn’t have many people in it, it seemed harder. The momentum needed to take it higher was not there because it was to light. Thus those riding did not get the most joy from the ride. However, at full to capacity, the weight was heavier and had just what was needed to take it higher.

I equate this to our lives. You see, when everything is going good, when the weight is light, we can easily get our praise on, we’re happy like a duck in water. However, when things aren’t going well, whatever the heavy weight of our situation, causes many to work harder to give God praise.

Now that it’s heavy, it should be as easy as it had been when the load was light.  In either case, notice how the pendulum went higher when it was carrying heavier weight? So is it with your trials and tribulations, battle scars and wounds. When you praise Him with your wounds, it takes you higher in Him, and gives the devil a black eye!

Now, are you going to cover your wounds, take to the bed and fill sorry for yourself? Or are you going to get up, brush yourself off, even though you may be in pain, and get your praise on?  I can tell you for sure if you praise Him with your wounds, your healing, deliverance, motivation, and elevation will take place much faster.



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