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Who Has Your Ear?

Who Has Your Ear?

By: D.C. Constant

I was seven years old when my mother told me “Darlene stay on the porch and don’t leave if you do you’ll be in trouble.”  Well, some time had passed and my friends came along and said, “Hey Darlene, come play kickball with us.”  “I can’t I replied, looking sad, I’ll get in trouble, my mom said I have to stay on the porch.” “Ah come on, you’re mom knows you play with us all the time, we’ll tell her you were with us and you won’t get into trouble.” So off I went to the playground. I was so engrossed in playing kickball, I didn’t see my mom standing behind me with a belt. Needless to say, my backside was hurting for a week. I knew the truth but had listened to others who distorted my view of my Mother’s authority.

 Let’s look at Eve. She had received clear instructions on what she could and could not do in the garden.  Not to eat from the tree of good and evil which sat in the mist of the garden. Simple, right? Then why did she choose to listen and obey the serpent, who clearly wanted and achieved to distort her view of God’s authority? How was he able to have her ear, when she knew the truth?

Why do you continue to listen to the serpent in your life? God has already given you clear instructions and the truth about who He is and the plans He has for your life? No one should be able to can come along and twist God’s Word, giving you a half truth and you fall for it, hook line and sinker!

When God instructs you to do something, He isn’t keeping you from not having “fun.” He sees the outcome of your disobedience and the unnecessary painful consequences it will produce. Whether you understand it or not, God expects and wants you to trust and obey Him.

Watching who has my ear.

Scriptural Reference Genesis 3:1-5

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