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Get It Straight!

Get It Straight!

By: Sheila Annette Cook

My mother used to say, it’s not necessary for grown folk to lie!  I always thought that should apply to anyone. The point she was making was as adults we should be able to face our situations head-on.

The word says a liar “will not tarry in his site”. We often think, “It’s ok, it’s just a little white lie.”  What difference does the color of the lie make?  If it’s white it’s alright?  If it’s brown, you’re going down?  If it’s green, you’re being mean?  Or if it’s black, you just want to attack?

I know you’re thinking, but even when you’re honest with people, they still think you’re not being honest, but you’re yet lying.  My policy as of late, has been to squash things before they get out of hand. Now mind you, everything that’s lawful is not expedient. There are times when a situation or circumstance is too much and you have to turn it over to God to handle.

The bottom line is to own up to what you say and do. End problems before they start and if asked tell the truth, don’t make up lies to make it sound better or look good. Nine times out of ten, people know when you’re not being honest with them. The only thing that bugs me more is when I am being honest and I’m accused of not being so. Have people gotten so use to dealing in dishonesty they’re suspicious when anyone tells them something? That’s bordering on paranoia.

Thus comes the scripture that says, if you think your brother has an aught against you, lay your gift at the altar, (don’t get up and shout over that mess) and go reconcile, get it straight (paraphrasing).

I know some people when they see two people talking think those two people are talking about them that’s just plain old vanity. You really think a lot of yourself to even have the audacity to think one would waste their time discussing you when there is so much more to talk about other than you!

If we are going to be like Jesus, then this can not be. Get it straight! It might be rough, one more than the other may be upset, but, you get things straightened out and can get your praise on, God can use you the more and the burden is off you.


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