Every guy out there has the “ideal” woman he’d like to marry, but of course, he’s NEVER going to share it with you. A man will never tell a woman what he’s truly looking simply  because he doesn’t want her “pretending” to be that very thing. Fortunately, these 5 tips will guide you into taking a little sneak peek at what most men look for in a wife:

1. The Ability to Give Him Space in the Marriage Relationship

Men don’t want to feel like they’re being smothered or imprisoned. Men desire a woman who can give him space, without getting offended, being needy, or guilt “tripping” him for not ‘being there’ etc… They desire a woman who understands when he needs time alone. Time to process, unwind and just think things through.  You need time alone as well, so make sure you have your own interest and hobbies.

2. The Ability to Let Him Solve His Own Problems

Are you his “Mommy” or his potential wife? If you’re the type of woman who feels like she’s always “raising” a grown man, because you feel you have to “fix” him or do “everything” for him, then you’re the problem. Stop acting like his mother. He has a mother and doesn’t need another one.  He’s with you so you can support him, as he work through his challenges. Men love a woman who allows him to work with confidence solving his issues, without being offended because he’s not “sharing” every single detail (unless he chooses too).  Be supportive, but let the man handle his own business.

3. The Ability to Just “Shut-Up”

No man wants a potential wife who constantly argues with him about any and everything ~especially when she’s wrong and can’t or simply refuses to admit to her shortcomings. You may not always agree with him, (he’s not looking for you too) but it’s a huge turn off to just keep running your mouth and making him feel disrespected. However, this is not to be confused with actually having an intellectual, meaningful and mature conversation, where you may respectfully disagree with him on a topic, without being brash or harsh.  This is actually a turn on!

4. The Ability to Grow  

A man wants a woman who will always make an effort to be her best self. It’s boring and not challenging to men to be with a woman who constantly wants to stay the same. However, it’s interesting, attractive, and stimulating to a man when a woman makes an effort to do something different, adventurous and fun!

5. The Ability to allow Him to Change for the Better

Men are always looking to improve and better themselves. They’re their own competition.  A woman has the ability to either make a man become his own worst enemy, by speaking negativity towards him, or she can recognize he’s  a great and amazing person, by understanding and being supportive with his dreams and goals. Sometimes, it may appear men never listen, which isn’t true, they just simply need the right woman for them who’s their motivator.

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