One day, there was this Samaritan woman retrieving water from a well when she met a Jewish man. This Jewish man asked her to retrieve a drink of water for him. The woman was in shocked! She was a Samaritan and historically Jews had nothing to do with the Samaritan people.

However, this man began to ask her a series of questions, regarding her marital status and about the man she was currently having relations with. When she answered she didn’t have a husband, the man said, “You’ve answered truthfully, and the man you’re with now isn’t your husband either.” The woman was now intrigued. How did this Jewish man know about her? The man then revealed to her, if she wanted to, she could have everlasting water where she would never thirst again.

This man was Jesus. He didn’t recite back to her what she already knew about her sins, nor did he call her names, (you know, like us “good” Christians) like slut, whore, or adulterer.  He did something different.

He gave her some new information.

When the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriages on June 26 2015 across the country,  I spoke with several colleagues in the ministry and was rather shocked and grieved by their responses. Many responded like the following:

  • “They’re going to Hell!!!”
  • “Those gays can’t come to MY CHURCH!”
  • “They’re just NASTY!!!”
  • “It’s an Abomination!!!”
  • “I feel uncomfortable around gays.”
  • “I don’t want my kids around those gays.”
  • “Aren’t gay people child molesters?”
  • “They just need to stay in the F@#$%ing Closet!”

I listened quietly. When given the opportunity to speak, I said, “WOW! Sooooooooooo just for clarification, what I am hearing you say, is that only gay people are nasty, going to hell, and can’t come to “your” church, (not God’s church) but the fornicators, adulterers, pedophiles, and porn watchers who sit in “your” church practicing these sexual sins, aren’t nasty, going to hell, but they can continue to stay in “your” church???”

There was a long silent pause…then a click and I was unfriended and blocked on Social Media. I was later accused of being a “gay lover” and on my way to Hell right along with them.

…but hey, that’s the church’s definition of “Agape” love for you, but I digress.

Anyhoo, since I was hung up on, I will share with you the point I would have shared with my colleague.  I’m against all sexual immorality and as the Body of Christ, we can’t pick and choose which sexual sins we deem to be more acceptable and durable to fit our sexual comfort level.

Growing up in church, to often I’ve heard Pastor’s preach from the pulpit openly calling gay people “faggots”, “sissies”, dykes, etc… but I’ve never heard them openly call fornicators and adulterers “sluts” and “whores?” If you’re going to condemn sexual immorality, COVER ALL OF IT!

Is it possible as Christians to give people some new information about Jesus Christ and The Living Water?

Is it too much to ask you to look past someone’s sin you deem unworthy of God’s grace, so God can actually use you to show them the Agape love you ‘re always preaching and shouting about on Sunday mornings?

Is it too much to ask you to have “A Samaritan Approach?” You know, the same approach God had with you, when you were in your mess, and still struggling (yes even after being saved) in many areas of your life where you practice inappropriate behaviors behind closed doors where no one can see?

The next time you’re ready to condemn anyone to Hell for sinning differently than you, do what Jesus did, try The Samaritan Approach and not “The Holy than Thou Approach.”

Asking God to convict and correct Christians of their Hypocrisy. 

Scriptural Reference John Chapter 4



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