Have you ever watched someone do something wrong and nothing seemed to happen to them, but when you did wrong “All Hell Broke Loose?”

I wonder if that’s how Adam felt when he watched Eve look enticingly at the fruit which hung from the forbidden tree, while she contemplated and anticipated on being just like God. Then she took a bite and  nothing happened. When Eve turned to Adam and offered him to take a bite, right in that moment, I often wondered why Adam didn’t say, “Woman No! That’s not what God instructed me to do!” Or better yet, how come Adam didn’t tell the serpent to shut up when he was talking to Eve?  It wasn’t like Adam was wayyyyy on the other side of the garden, he was standing right next to her.  He heard the whole conversation taking place between the serpent and Eve.

So now, Eve’s waiting for her husband, her covering, the head of the home (the garden) to take a bite so they both would be just like “god.” Adam, unfortunately hearkens to the voice of his beloved Eve, takes a bite of the fruit, and BOOM! Just like that, their eyes were now opened to their nakedness. Shame, guilt and sin has now entered into the world and All Hell has just broken loose.

Now here comes the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and they hid from Him, behind the trees. The Lord called out to Adam, “Adam, Where Are You?” The Lord is metaphorically asking him, “Where Are You Spiritually?”  “Where Are You Mentally?” “Where Are You in Covenant with Me?” “Where Are You in Obedience to Me?”  “What Where you Thinking?”

Men of God, “Where Are You?” Remember when God had a conversation with you, when He breathed and spoke His revelational knowledge into you? Whose voice have you hearkened unto, causing all hell to break loose in various areas of your life? (i.e. marriage, ministry, employment, business, parenting, etc.)

Stop listening to the serpent and his representatives and get back on track. Listen to God. Believe what He has already shown you and act accordingly. If you’re a married woman reading this, make sure you’re at the maturity level where you can recognize when the enemy is trying to use you to deceive and destroy your husband, then rebuke that spirit that lies within you.

Thanking God for my Adam.

Scriptural Reference – Genesis 3:1-8

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