When you think about an Extreme Makeover what comes to mind?

When I think about an Extreme MakeOver, I think of tearing down and re-building on a strong foundation, because nothing can ever be re-build on top of junk.

It will not last.

Two television shows come to mind.  The now canceled Extreme MakeOver-Home Edition and the show called Hoarders.

If you’re not familiar, the former show Extreme MakeOver was a show where the host and a group of volunteers would go to people’s homes and announce excitedly, “You’re getting an Extreme MakeOver” for your home! The people would begin to jump up and down, cry tears of joy, and be happy they were getting help with the re-construction of their home.  They desperately wanted and knew they needed help to remove the old structure and gladly prepared for the new.

The show Hoarder’s is the opposite. They also represent people who also live in homes, however, these people live in filth to the point it where it becomes hazardous and unsafe. The hoarder’s un-healthy living lifestyle puts much strain on those who try to help them.

Hoarders are people who are unable or unwilling to discard large quantities of material objects covering the living areas in their homes, which causes significant distress or impairment to their overall everyday living. Hoarders live in a state of mess, junk, darkness, and are very comfortable and content with these living conditions.

In contrast to the Extreme MakeOver show, on the Hoarders show, everyone knows the Hoarders need help, except the Hoarders. When people arrive at the Hoarder’s home to assist, the Hoarders become angry, defensive and can’t believe people think they have a problem!

Isn’t that just like many people today?  Everyone else can see you have a problem but you?

Spiritually, there are many of us who identify with the extreme make over show. We know we’re a mess and gladly welcome the Lord into our lives.  We’ve surrendered and wait in expectation of Him! We’re like, “Lord do a demolition in my life! Come in like a wrecking ball! I’m tired of my “ragged” spiritual condition.  I repent! Lord wash me inside out, make me over again!”

….And that’s wonderful!

Then there are those who are Hoarders and they’re cool and comfortable being in this condition. They do all the ceremonial religious activities: attending church services, Bible studying, feeding the poor, etc… You know, being a “good” person, but hoard darkness in their hearts. They’re hoarding racism, resentment, unforgiveness, hate, envy, jealousy, judgments,  etc…that has been stored in their hearts for many, many years. Yet, every time God deals with them about their particular issue, they throw a tantrum, screaming, kicking and yelling like a two-year old refusing to yield, surrendering it ALL to Him.

Hoarding has become such an intricate part of many people’s lives, that they’ve justified staying in their mess for so long, the enemy has tricked them into feeling they will die if they let go of all the junk in their hearts. The stench (the attitude, the defense mechanism, and the excuses) smells horrible and it’s stunting their growth in God.

In what area of your life do you need an Extreme Makeover?

God loves you enough to not want you to stay in a Hoarder’s State of mind.

Love yourself enough to allow Him to heal your heart.

~Lord check my heart.

(Scripture Reference 2Corinthinans 5:17, Galatians 5:22, Colossians 3:9-11)



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