The Race Card

Do you reflect upon your own perceived ideas or prejudice? The Race Card explores the micro-aggressions, prejudices and double standards we all have toward others.

The Church Card

Is your relationship with God depends on how people view you? The Church Card explores statements only you can honestly answer and decide if you need to change.

The Family Card

What family secrets have you kept that’s making you ill? The Family Card explores how some families can take one another for granted and refuse to stay drama free.

The Office Card

Do you love your job? Hate it? Or just don’t care? The Office Card explores the funny and hilarious things which take place in most work places across the country.

It Might Just Be You

It Might Just Be You is a hilarious and delightful compilation of Biblical truths, spiritual wisdom and just plain old common sense. It’s a clever piece of literature that really makes you think! For those looking for a new walk in faith, it points out practical ways to alter your path to be more in alignment with the Lord. For those who are already believers, it will “check us” on the many ways we tend to “slip up” in our daily lives and to bring us back to His truth.

Stacking The Deck Series

We’re all familiar with the term “The Race Card.” In Stacking the Deck Series, D.C. Constant takes it a step further with this satire compilation, which sheds light on, microaggressions, stereotypical perceptions and double standards we’ve all be guilty of conducting, concerning Race, Church, Family and the Workplace. In her trademark laser-direct delivery, D.C. Constant is also hilarious, witty, insightful and refreshing! You will be ready to have the conversation. Let’s shuffle the deck! Which card will you find yourself playing?

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