Have you ever seen a five- year old with a bottle in their mouth? If you have, you would probably responded like, “That child is too old to be sucking on that bottle!” “What’s wrong with the child?”  “Does the child perhaps have a disability?” For most mothers, we cringe, when we see a two-year old with a bottle in their mouth, where like “Where’s their sipping cup?” Right?

When you have a baby, there’s a natural progression. The baby drinks formula/or breast milk, and as the baby grows, they progress from milk to solid foods. Now as an adolescent, if the child rejects solid food and only wants to continue drinking milk, that’s a problem! To not consume solid foods, will not only cause a lack of nourishment, but it will stunt the child’s growth mentally and physically.

It’s the same principal applied in the Kingdom of God. Are you a Christian who has been in the church for 5, 10, 20 plus years and you’re still sucking on a spiritual bottle? You should be teaching and instructing others on how to build up their faith, but you can’t because after many years of just “going” to church you never “grew” and developed a personal relationship with God. You’re still a baby yourself, in your faith, belief and understanding of God’s power, because you refused to grow and mature spiritually to eat solid meat.

How do you know if you’re still on the bottle, drinking milk? Well let’s see.

After being in church for many years, does the littlest thing send you into another stratosphere?

For example:

*The Pastor didn’t acknowledge you for (fill in your own blank)

*You didn’t get to lead “your” song during Praise & Worship or during Choir time.

*You feel you’re better qualified to be over a particular auxiliary or ministry team.

*The Pastor preaches on a sin(s), you’ve been “struggling” with since you’ve gotten saved years ago, (yet you refuse to let it go) you get mad, leave and hop from church to church.

*After the enemy uses you to gossip for 3 hours about somebody’s business, at the end of the conversation you say,  “let’s pray” for them…and fake pray for about 3 minutes in “Jesus name”

*You feel you should be the Pastor because you know more than him/her…. after all, you do have three degrees right?”

Yep! You’re still on the bottle. ….And this “baby” list can go on and on and on…..till the break of dawn.

When you choose to be consistent, to grow and mature in your Christian walk, devoting time to prayer, studying and applying the Word of God to your life, the people, places, and things that once “tripped” you up your first year of being saved, won’t get a blink nor an eyebrow raised out of you during your year five of your Christian journey.  If it does, then perhaps you need to re-examine where you are spiritually.

The Lord doesn’t want you to stay on milk! He wants you to grow, mature and have a deeper meaningful relationship with Him. You will then be able to reach,  teach and make disciples out of others as He’s called for all of us to do.

Get off the bottle and determine to grow spiritual today!

(Scriptural Reference: Hebrews 5:12-14)

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