Have you ever seen a five-year-old with a bottle in their mouth? If you have, you would probably say, “That child is too old to be sucking on that bottle!” “What’s wrong? Something isn’t right.

For most mothers, we cringe, when we see a two-year old with a bottle in their mouth.

We all know the natural progression, when a baby is born. With the exception of any unforeseen complications, the baby drinks formula/or breast milk, and as the baby grows, they progress from milk to solid foods.

What happens when the baby is introduced to solid foods, rejects it, and only wants to drink milk?  that’s a problem! Because not consuming solid foods, will cause a lack of nourishment, and will stunt the baby’s growth both mentally and physically.

This same principal can be applied in the Kingdom of God.

Something isn’t right,  if you’ve been in the church for 5, 10, 20 plus years,  and you’re drinking milk, sucking on a spiritual bottle?

You should be teaching and instructing others on how to build up their faith in God,  but you can’t because after many years of just “going” to church, you still need someone to teach you over and over again, the elementary truth of God’s word.

You’re still drinking milk yourself, because you’ve rejecting solid food.

Take a moment.

To be in church, all those years, sitting in the pews week and after week, listening to the gospel, and still drinking milk, means your walk in Christ is an immature one.

Because going to church and growing in the Lord are two different things.

How Sway?

Well, let’s see.

Here’s how you can tell if you’re on milk and sucking on a spiritual bottle.

Do you get upset by the following, but not limited to:

1) The Pastor or his Wife, didn’t acknowledge you for (fill in your own blank)

2) You didn’t get to lead “your” song during Praise & Worship or during Choir time.

3) You feel you’re better qualified to lead a particular auxiliary or ministry team, and you can’t understand, why your Pastor won’t put you in charge

4) The Pastor preaches on a sin(s), you’ve been “struggling” with since you got saved years ago, (yet you refuse to let it go) you get mad, and leave and go hop from church to church.

5) You have absolutely no conviction what so ever, when you participate in ungodly activities…you’re still singing the ole song “God knows my heart.” And guess what, He does…He  knows… you look at the Gospel like it’s Burger King, you can have it your way, but forgetting He is THE WAY….

6) You’re mean and nasty. You’re negative about everything, and everyone, and you justify your behavior by saying, “This is just how I am” You got saved years ago, but you never had a transformation by the renewing mind.

7) You gossip. And After you’ve gossip on the phone for about 3 hours, at the end of the conversation you say, well chileee  “let’s pray” ….then you fake pray for about 3 minutes?

8) Instead of taking accountability for the decisions you made in your life, You blame the Devil.  Everything isn’t the devil; it’s called reaping the consequences of the decisions you’ve sowed in your life.

9) You feel you should be the Pastor because you know…you have more knowledge, then they do…. after all, you do have three degrees right?”

Yep! You’re still drinking milk….sucking on a spiritual bottle. ….

Listen,  when you choose to be consistent, in your walk with Jesus Christ,  devoting time to prayer, studying and applying the Word of God to your life, you will have a mind shift, that wants to seek the deeper things of God…

You will begin to hunger, and thirst after righteousness…and most importantly, your spirit will have a willing desire to do the things which are pleasing to God and not your flesh.

The Lord doesn’t want any of us to stay on milk! He desires for us to grow, mature and have a deeper relationship with Him.

It’s time, to get rid of the spiritual bottles, even the sippy cups… and start eating solid food…going beyond the elementary things of God, and began teaching and making disciples for the Kingdom of God.

(Scriptural Reference: Hebrews 5:12-14)

Get off the bottle and determine to grow up in the spirit today!


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