We’re always reading articles about what wives need and want from their husbands. It can very much become lopsided in the culture of “Happy Wife – Happy Life.”  A term I hate by the way, because it’s extremely selfish…but I digress.   Has it ever crossed your mind how your husband would love those same words of affirmation?  Here are six things most husband’s would love to here from their wives. Often and with sincerity.

1. “You Look Handsome.” It’s always been said a good husband should always remind his wife how beautiful he believes she is, in part because he doesn’t want another man to compliment her more than he does. Yet, it’s also a great feeling for husbands to be told they’re handsome by their wives.  Just the word ‘handsome’ holds a different meaning than any other compliment and seems to hit men a little differently. For those husband’s who put an effort into their appearance, it’s appreciated when their wives notice his efforts.

2.“I’m Proud of  You.” Men see their self-worth differently than women. Men strive towards goals and accomplishments whether it’s their job, an entrepreneur venture, etc.. Much of their confidence depends on how well their doing while accomplishing these goals. Having the support of our their wife, who’s believing he’s doing a good job both personally and professionally is reassuring in ways many other statements could ever be.  A husband who knows he has his wife’s unyielding support, allows him to feel the two of you have a safety net when things get rough.

3. “I Love Your Body!” Guess what? Men in general get down on themselves about their bodies too. They all want to have better abs or a more defined chest. They want to feel like they can protect you and the family. They want to feel strong. They want to feel like men. So when we they put in the effort to start eating better and working out, they’re hoping it gets noticed. Not just by anyone — but by you his wife. Telling your husband, you can see an improvement (no matter how small) from their efforts will reinforce and encourage him to continue on his path.

4. “I Trust You.” With all the negativity floating around in the world today, it’s much easier for some husbands to keep themselves guarded,  and not fully trust someone, and for some that’s even their wives sometimes. The truth is, your husband needs to know that you trust him.  Trusting him to lead you, but most important trusting him when he’s trying to figure things out himself. Trusting him enough to make the right decisions for your family that will only put you all in a better position in life.

5. “Thank You.” Whether it’s something small from him picking up your favorite movie, doing the laundry or getting your coffee in the morning — it’s nice to hear “thank you” for these two small words go a long way. Kindness should never be given to someone for the sake of a return, but appreciation should always be expressed when someone puts in the effort.

6. “I Appreciate You.” This goes a step beyond “thank you.” Appreciating your husband for the person he is, on a different level than appreciating him for the things he does for you.  A husband who works to keep his marriage and family together, become the best versions of themselves, so they’re better for their families and others as well.


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