When my daughter Amber was ten-years-old  she had a cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens, which unfortunately died.  My husband and I allowed Amber to have her feelings of sadness as she understood death and the kittens were now gone.  Afterwards, he and I disposed all the kittens—so we thought.

Memorial Day weekend rolled around a few weeks later, and we had our family and friends over for our annual cookout. All of a sudden Amber came bursting thru the front door, chasing after her then six-year-old cousin, screaming hysterically “Give it back! “Give it back!” In her cousin’s hand, was a dirty blanket containing a dead kitten, which she then threw over the fence into our neighbor’s yard where their dogs enjoyed an unexpected meal.

When my husband and I asked Amber if she understood the kitten had died, she said, “Yes, I knew the kitty was dead.” Then why would keep and hide the kitten, we asked? Her response, “I couldn’t let him go.”

How many times has God told you to let go of that dead situation in your life?  You’ve grown fond of it, you’ve coddle it, you’ve wrapped it up nice and neat and now you’re consumed by it. It’s dirty, it smells and its weighing heavy on your soul, but you keep screaming and hollering “I can’t let it go!”

God has given you a DNR order today! God has already told you, it’s DEAD!  Stop keeping dead situations on life support, resuscitating and trying to bring it back to life.

Choose now to release every dead area in your life, mentally and physically. When you do you’re choosing to live in the fullness of the freedom and the victory God has already given to you!

~Releasing the Dead Things!

(Scriptural Reference, Hebrew 12:1)


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