Written by: Guest Blogger, Lewis Jay Jarvis

Let’s discuss the classic story of Adam and Eve. We all know how it goes, from Eve being made from Adam’s rib to them being kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  Most of the time we hear how the devil deceived Eve and how they sinned.

However, what if we look at things from another perspective?  What if after Eve were tricked, instead of them hiding and Adam blaming his wife, what if they immediately came to God and asked for forgiveness? Instantly the enemies plans would have been thwarted because of a loving grace-filled God.

Often times in a relationship we play the blame game. She said this, he did that. At what point does personal responsibility come into play?

Just imagine when the next misunderstanding happens between you and spouse, and one of you were to stop and say “You know what? I apologize. I was wrong in how I responded to you and I ask that you forgive me. Can we sit down and come to a mutual resolution?”  Who could stay mad afterward?

Here’s another scenario. What if regardless who was in the wrong, or what was done, the husband took responsibility for the whole situation and tells his wife he will take it to God (they could even pray together) instead of blaming her?

I truly believe God is more concerned about how we respond to people versus how people treat us. In this love walk, Christ has us on, we do not have the time nor the capacity to let offense, un-forgiveness or blame go unchecked. After all, Christ took responsibility for what we did, what we will do when He went to the cross, died and buried it.



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