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The Blog

Inspirational / 25.05.2017

By: D.C. Constant Have you ever watched someone do something wrong and nothing happen to them, but when you did wrong “All Hell Broke Loose?” I wonder if that’s how Adam felt when he watched Eve look enticingly at the fruit which hung on the forbidden tree,...

Inspirational / 15.05.2017

 By: Dawn Kelly, Guest Blogger We all come to a point in our lives when we must face reality and stop living in our own little make believe world. Sure, we keep hearing the FAITH messages come across the pulpit, but are we truly applying...

Inspirational / 14.04.2017

By: D.C. Constant I was seven years old when my mother told me “Darlene stay on the porch and don’t leave, if you do you’ll be in trouble.”  Well some time had passed and my friends came along and said, “Hey Darlene, come play kickball with...