I am looking forward to being your Relationship Strategist Coach! Each Wife is unique, and as such, my approach is customized and not a “cookie-cut” one. No matter how long you’ve been married, each Successful Wife are at different stages of enhancing and defining her personal and professional path to what defines her as successful.  We wear many hats and make plenty of sacrifices, for our loved ones. It’s now time for you to make your dreams a reality.

Let’s Do This!

Please complete the questionnaire with honesty, as all written and verbal conversations are confidential.  So we can maximize your Session, please be prepared to tell me exactly what area(s) you need my assistance to maximize your results!

Power Discovery Session

            1hr | $199.99 USD

Are you seeking to gain a deeper insight into your personal circumstances? Are you seeking guidance and an objective point of view to shed light on a dilemma you may be facing? In this session, we will focus on one topic of your choice. We will brainstorm together and develop a strategic profitable plan.

Business Launch Start-Up Session

             1hr | $299.99 USD

This session will assist with registration and selection of your business structure. You will leave with your EIN number, registration with your Secretary of State and completion of credentials to launch your business.

The Author Box Start-Up Session – “Before You Write, Do What’s Right”

      2hr | $499.99 USD

This session will assist with your journey to publishing your book. You will leave understanding the process of the publishing industry and what it takes to publish market and sell your book. You will understand your book is a profitable business and not a hobby. You will leave with owning your own ISBN number, marketing tools, a publishing checklist which is a guide to successfully selling books, and so much more!

Private One-on-One Coaching  

 6hr | $999.99 USD

These sessions are designed for your personal growth and development, in addition to gaining insight towards an action plan, that inspires a movement towards your desired goals. I will work with you over the duration of six (2 hours) sessions. This will give you a step by step guide on how to strategically accomplish your goals.