It was over 15 years ago when my husband and I were a part of this particular church ministry, which had planned a trip to a well-known water park for some fun and relaxation. It was a beautiful day! There were plenty of activities for everyone and we had a ball!

Then something happened.  I got this bold idea to face my fear of heights and water simultaneously by climbing the steps to the top of the 20 feet water slide. I had never been on a water slide before and I could not swim. Yeah. I know right?

I’ve always been fearful of heights.  I’ve never gone pass 3 feet on a ladder and I only stay in 3 feet in a pool. For the past seven years, I’ve lived on the 6th floor of a beautiful apartment complex, but I’ve never stepped foot on my balcony.

Sad isn’t it? Yeah, I know.

Anywhoo, on this particular fun, filled festive day, I’m now climbing the stairs with two realities conflicting feelings of confidence and fear. I reached the top, standing in line behind children 20 years my junior. I step up, layed flat down with my arms crossed one over the other, closed my eyes (don’t ask me why I closed my eyes) and off I went!  It was actually a peace ride down. Sliding from side to side, feeling the calmness of the water.

Then BOOM! Suddenly, a rush of water covered my face, filling up my nose. I began to kick and scream hysterically, (my eyes were still closed) wondering why no one rushed to help me. It felt like I had sunk to the bottom of the pool.

There was a long silence.

Then I heard voices, “Why doesn’t she just stand up?

“Sis. Constant, open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes only to realize I was sitting in two feet of water! I thought I was in more water than I actually was.

By now, the park officials had called a “special code” over the intercom and shut the whole water park down!

Everyone was just standing there staring at me.

Embarrass much? Ummmm….yeah.

When you made the decision to face your fears, did you feel you were drowning because you were more focused on the fear verses the victory of overcoming?

Besides Jesus, I thought about the other man who walked on water ­—Peter. He had heart before he step off the boat, asking Jesus the bold question, “Lord if it be you, bid me to come.” Jesus said, “Come.” Peter step out the boat and walked on water! He was doing well, until he took his focus off Jesus and got fearful because he started focusing on the storm,  (by the way, the storm was already raging before he even step off the boat) and started sinking, until Jesus grabbed him and asked  “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Whatever fears you may have, you must decide to overcome them, step out on faith, stay focused on Jesus and never doubt… He got you and won’t let you drown. Just Stand Up!


~Still facing my fear of heights.

(Scriptural reference Matthew 14:22-33)



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